Monday, April 6, 2015

March - "In like a lamb and out like a lion"

One of these Elders finished his mission and went home this month.  Since there are only about 26 Elders in Chuuk, they become very close friends to each other.

This month we visited home-bound people on Weno, Romanum, and also on the Island of Tonoas.  

This woman has a large family group who live on top of a mountain.  When we first visited she could not walk.

 Here she is walking a few weeks later!

This little baby was born at home in a small rustic dwelling.

The next few pictures are of our visit to Romanum.  We took a boat, then climbed the mountain and trekked through the jungle to visit homebound sick people there.  

  This woman needed surgery but was afraid.  We helped her get the needed care.  We have come to love her and her husband through this experience.

  We pass many homes like this as we hiked through the jungle of Romanum.  

  Many of the people here need physical therapy.  We encourage certain exercises which help them.

Here is another little baby born at home on Romanum.

We returned home soaking wet after the boat ride.

Here are some scenes from our visit to Tonoas (Island) 
 Below is the outdoor kitchen for the home above.
 Boys playing at the church in Tonoas.

We had a visit from our family history senior couple in Guam.  They are working hard to help people do their family history

.Someone asked to see what our apartment and daily activity places were like.  Here are some pictures of our apartment:

Living room


We also have an office room.

Here is the Chuuk Hospital.  We work in the out-patient clinic in this building. 

The calendar below is typical of wall posters in many places. We are enjoying the free and open expression of religious faith here.  The people seem to have faith in God and in prayer and are not shy about expressing it.

This is a picture of downtown Weno, the main island of Chuuk.  Many people come in from other islands at the boat dock on the right to buy and sell.

Some children having a good time--

Look at this amazing tree with all its hanging vines.  We felt like we were driving through a tunnel.  The next blog will show what happened to this tree in the typhoon.