Saturday, February 7, 2015

Our Mission Begins!

We are excited to have been called on another mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!  This time we are going to the Micronesia/Guam Mission.  We will be volunteering at the community hospital on the Island of Chuuk.  Chuuk is one of the four states of the Federated States of Micronesia.

We will also be sharing the message of the Church with those who want to know more.  (For more information click here)We have seen our message bless the lives of others and bring great happiness and purpose to their lives.  We want to help others come closer to Jesus Christ.  His teachings about service and love to others have influenced our decision to serve this mission.  We love Him and know that He loves everyone and provides purpose and hope to our lives.

We spent two weeks getting training at the Provo Missionary Training Center and also in Salt Lake City.
 Here are some of the people in our training group.
 Then we flew to Guam, our mission headquarters. It took us about 19 hours to fly to Guam--daylight the whole time.  The clouds were beautiful as we approached Guam.  Guam is in a time zone 17 hours ahead of our home in the states.

Here in Guam we are meeting with 10 other couples that are serving in this mission.  We will have four days of conference here before traveling on to Chuuk.  It is a real privilege to mingle with our mission leaders and the other wonderful people who are serving here.

We have been blessed all our lives.  We also feel confident that we will see many miracles on our mission here.....


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  2. That fan-like tree is ava triangle palm from madagascar. Dypsis decaryi.