Saturday, May 9, 2015

April 2015 - Visit to Fono, etc.

Several weeks after the typhoon we made a trip to the island of Fono.  This island is the closest island to the main island of Chuuk and we arrived there in 20 minutes by boat.  Below is an area outside the missionary apartment where they have church.  Fono has only had missionaries less than a year and has a small "group" that meet here.

Here is a "traditional" house that we passed by.  I think it was rebuilt after the typhoon. 

I wouldn't have wanted to be in this house during the typhoon.  

Lots of trees are still down around the islands, blocking the normal paths.

These missionaries showed us around the beautiful island.

This is what Fono looks like as we left by boat.  The water is very clear.

The island in the distance is Weno, the main island of Chuuk and the place we live.

Here are the missionaries gathered again for a zone conference.

 When lunch was passed out, they all sat on the floor and ate with their fingers as is the custom in Chuuk.

Work is continuing to clear the debris of Typhoon Maysak.  Everyday we can smell smoke from the burning wood and leaves.

When you look at this mountain, called "the Octopus,"  you may be able to see how thin the line of trees along the top edges are after the typhoon. 

We had a few celebrations this month:  Elder and Sister Hardy's anniversary
 and Sister Reed's birthday
And several other missionary birthdays:

One morning when we went out to jog, we realized we were locked out of our apartment.  The only way to get back in was to walk to the church in Moen and get a key.  So we enjoyed the walk.  With the roads the way they are in Chuuk we walked there in 35 minutes.  It takes us 25 minutes by car!

During our walk we saw a monument we had never seen before.  It is to the Japanese and Chuukese who lost their lives here during World War II (when Chuuk was called "Truk").

We are learning a lot about World War II as we have served in this mission and also in Japan.  We have been blessed to live our lives mostly in a time of peace.  We pray for continued peace in our lives and that there may be more peace in the world.  We know that true peace comes through the gospel of Jesus Christ and that is why we try to share it.  

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