Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chuuk Summer

It is ALWAYS summer in Chuuk!

Jogging can be dangerous with the many dogs around.  One of them  bit me, so now I carry my "dog stick" and a few rocks.  The dogs had better watch out!

Disaster Drill
The Chuuk State Hospital had a disaster drill--a mock airplane crash.  Here are some of the pictures:
Waiting for patients:
Patients arrive by pickup and ambulance:
Injuries were categorized first at the airport.  Then the patients are received at the hospital.

Caring for the "patients":
Nurses are ready:
And doctors are ready too:

The emergency room:

The Surgery room:

 Clair with the head of the outpatient department where we work:

Youth Conference
We have church units on about seven islands in the Chuuk lagoon.  Youth 14-18 from these islands met in Weno (the main island) for Youth Conference.  They each performed a talent number.  
Here is a traditional stick dance:

They had games too.  Here are some balloon games:

The Church on Weno where we held Youth Conference has an unusual parking lot:

Dancing the Virginia Reel:

A beautiful youth leader.  Notice her long hair.  Women in Chuuk keep their hair long but usually wear it tied up on their heads.

Lunch at Youth Conference:

A closing testimony meeting:


At church we met a man from the Philippines who is in Chuuk to help with the reconstruction of homes after the Typhoon.  (He is in the center)  The homes are not yet repaired or rebuilt.  Many have no roofs and it rains a lot here.

Missionary Work
Three baptisms--what a happy day! We are here to support our young missionaries who teach many people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Those who accept their message can be baptized and receive many blessings.
Some of our missionaries at a mission zone meeting.  These are special young men.

We recently got Sister missionaries in Chuuk--after not having them for many years.  Here they are:

We were able to help greet this Chuukese Sister who just fulfilled a mission in Hawaii.  She is being greeted by her father and her aunt at the airport on her return to Chuuk after 18 months:

The family held a party to help welcome her home.  They have a humble home, but a splendid view!  The children here are precious and loved.

The family build this shade structure onto their home for the party:

There was singing and dancing--

Some of them really have the moves!

This woman was one who could not walk last year.  We are very happy to see her dancing now!

There was lots of food! (coconuts to drink, chicken, pork, papaya, melon, taro, tapioca, rice, pounded breadfruit--and maybe more)

This is a view on the way down from the mountain where the party was held.  You can see the Church in the center.  On the left is a small building that is used for Primary.

This is the community "shower place" near the church.  A stream runs down the mountain after a rainstorm. Some people are cleaning up in the pond.

At our apartments there are many Filipinos.  Our landlord hosted a party for all of us, including a roasted pig:

There are many Filipinos in Chuuk. Some are doctors and nurses at the hosptial.  Here are some of our neighbors:

We have made many good friends here and have learned a lot from them.  People here live happily without many of the worldly things we are used to.  They value their families and greet adversity with a positive attitude.  It is an inspiration to us.

We hope you all had a great summer!

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